Partners and Resellers

BlueRay’s success depends on the efforts of our partners and resellers that include industry leaders in distribution, marketing and brand establishment in India. Our expert technical staff can work with your existing channel to integrate our product and supply chain, or can recommend partners who have already аттракционы в Дубае integrated with BlueRay structure.

Need help setting up your new business? Check out our expert partners or email us at or simply fill this form!

BlueRay provides opportunity for young entrepreneurs  to create their own domain in FMCG market Indian. We offer electronic marketing and processing tools at no cost so you can not only sell Blueray without taking any extra pain of going to a third party to build mobile marketing but also accept credit/debit card payments on your website or mobile-phone itself. We also provide each of our partners an e-terminal as well as mobile app (Android and iOS) for real-time business management and online reports of your transactions and geographic location of the sale. Partners of our partners are equally valuable to us, all business managements tools are available FREE OF COST to everyone in our distribution channel.

BlueRay is an established and modern day powder detergent supplier, which utilizes industry-standard measures, including soft chemicals and recycling programs. Blueray offers real time order processing in all state of India and actively looking for partners from all across the nation.

Offer more value to your clients and earn recurring commissions by becoming a BlueRay affiliate. Blueray delivers only powder detergent series in India, yet we feel privileged to provide a very personalized service to businesses across India. Refer new distributors and you’ll earn ongoing revenue on approved accounts.