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Blueray produces less froth, meaning less water for rinse. It’s micro fiber technology cleans each bit of dirt and wax by penetrating deep into the fabric at high rate then traditional detergents, meaning less electricity in machine use. We at Blueray detergent, are committed to куда пойти в Ереване our responsibility towards mother nature and feel proud to bring this green solution to fulfill your laundry needs.





Materials used in Blueray packing are either selected from recycled feeds or are recycled after use. Please do not throw or dispose packet in open. Return to vendor for RECYCLING REWARDS.

The surfactants (sudsing/cleaning) agent in BlueRay Detergent are bio degradable and break down naturally into simple compounds, thereby helping in elimination of suds and foam from washroom, gutter lines, lakes and streams.


Environmental Hazards of Chemical Detergents (Author, Jey Raghashri,

The chemicals from the houses find their destination in an aquatic ecosystem like pond, lake or an ocean.

  • Phosphate enhances algal growth resulting in the eutrophication of ponds and lakes. The algal bloom blocks the sunlight, thereby preventing the oxygen production through aquatic photosynthesis. Algal growth depletes the oxygen content resulting in the destruction of the marine organisms.
  • Chemicals in the detergents destroy the protective mucus layer of the fishes. The detergents affect the gills, reduce the breeding capacity of the fishes and destroy the eggs.
  • The pH level of the water is altered when the chemicals are released into the ponds thus making the ecosystem unfit for existence by the marine organisms.

Health Hazards of Chemical Detergents

  • Constant exposure to chemical detergents causes skin problems like rashes, persistent itching and eye irritation.
  • Some metals present in the chemical detergents affects male fertility. Some surfactants are composed of heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium.
  • Drinking polluted water and consuming aquatic organisms from polluted ecosystems will affect our health.